In order to maximize the performance of any supercharged engine, the supercharger itself must be in top condition. It does not matter if you run an older unit or the latest and greatest components available.  What is important is to be absolutely sure that the blower you are running is performing at it's maximum capacity.  In order to insure this, one needs to take the time to inspect every component and measure every internal clearance.  That is exactly what we do at JDF PERFORMANCE. 

We offer complete supercharger rebuilding services for most all roots type superchargers, regardless of the manufacturer.  We are a distributor for Kobelco Superchargers, but have the supplies in stock to rebuild most all other brands. 

As stated above there is only one way to insure each supercharger is capable of it's maximum performance, and that is to take the TIME to inspect every component and measure every clearance.  We do precisely this at JDF.  Each supercharger is disassembled, the rotor stripping is removed, all components are washed, and re-assembled for inspection. At this time all clearances are checked...end clearances, rotor to case clearances, rotor to rotor clearances, etc.  If something critical is found to be out of spec, it is corrected.  If we find something that will run okay but that could be made better, we will contact the customer and let them make the decision if they way to invest the additional money in their blower. 

Please contact us to discuss your particular application.  We woud appreciate the opportunity to help ensure your supercharger is performing at it's maximum potential.



  Blowers to be rebuilt Several superchargers waiting to be rebuilt.
  Disassembled Kobelco supercharger ready for mock-up assembly & measuring. Kobelco Blower Components
  Kobelco Supercharger Mock Up Kobelco supercharger mock assembled & ready for measurment stage.
  Completely rebuilt Kobelco supercharger. Kobelco Blower Rebuilt
  Kobelco Blower New Kobelco supercharger new in the box.  JDF PERFORMANCE is a dealer for Kobelco superchargers.
  JDF manufactures blower manifold adaptor plates for all applications.  Quite often the manifold opening doesn't allow the blower to be correctly installed...these plates locate the opening and o-rings for proper sealing. Blower Adaptor Plates