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BAE Fatheads BAE Fatheads available in various stages of assembly...bare to complete with valves, springs, retainers, etc.  Call for detailed specifications.
BAE Hi-Ratio rocker arm assemblies.  These are available with a full pressure oiling modification which provides continuous oil flow to the intake pushrod cup / adjuster area.  This drastically reduces pushrod failures. BAE Rocker Arm Assembly
BAE Valve Covers BAE Magnesium valve covers.  JDF is currently looking at developing tooling to offer these in a carbon fiber version like our F6 Inductors.  If you're interested, please contact us to discuss.
Spark plug tubes available for all Chrysler hemi & Arias / Minor style engines. Spark Plug Tubes
BAE Manifold BAE magnesium intake manifold for the fathead.
PSI offset magneto drives.  We cnc machine a blower belt idler bracket assembly that compliments this drive.  The Drive has a support bolt that aligns with a boss on our bracket assembly.  Please call for details. Offset Mag Drives


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